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Sweet Escape: Without the Children February 29, 2008

Filed under: Sweet Escape — Melissa @ The Inspired Room @ 4:20 pm
Peace & Quiet. Priceless.

33 Responses to “Sweet Escape: Without the Children”

  1. Shauntelle Says:

    Hi Melissa!

    Looks like you’ve gotten a good start on the weekend! Unfortunately it’s still cold here and there’s no escaping the kids; guess I’ll just live vicariously through you! : )

    I wanted to stop by and invite you and your readers to enter my little goody bag giveaway. The details are all on today’s post. The goody bag will be tailored to the winner…

    Have a wonderful weekend!



  2. jessi nagy Says:


  3. rosieswhimsy Says:

    Looks perfect. Enjoy! 🙂 Rosie

  4. Valerie Says:

    Looks so nice! Enjoy!

  5. Debra W Says:

    Oh my dear friend, you sooooooo deserve this little getaway! Have a wonderful, restful, happy time, and come back all refreshed and ready to face the world again! It is so important that we take the time to reconnect with our husbands, once in a while. I am glad that you are taking the opportunity to do that. My husband and I are going to run-away next weekend for a couple of days. The Pacific Ocean is calling me.

    Enjoy your retreat, and come by to say hello when you get home!

    Hugs and love,

  6. Tara Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh…picture says it all!

  7. mrs darling Says:

    Jealous! Thats what I am!

    But I’m also very happy for you! Looks soooo wonderful!

  8. karen Says:

    That is such a wonderful photo. Recently my husband and I went to New York together without the children. It was so nice to just be us for a change. We have teen daughters, it was like a little break away from “drama”. Enjoy. Blessings, Karen

  9. WONDERFUL! love the photo!

  10. Looks like Bliss, how wonderful and relaxing indeed. I think I need one of those weekends myself!
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  11. Lisa Says:

    I loved this sweet picture!


  12. janet Says:

    Ahhh….if only 🙂


  13. catherine Says:

    Great picture and great idea!

  14. ahhhhhh….it looks so wonderfully relaxing! Have a wonderful weekend Melissa.

  15. Hi Melissa.

    you both have a gorgeous time, you deserve it!

    Jenn and Jacqui xo

  16. Aaahhhh…Now, that’s my kind of weekend. 🙂

    Kimberly 🙂

  17. I’M SO JEALOUS!!!!

  18. Your comment says it all– Priceless!

  19. Robin Says:

    Enjoy that time…but then again…there will be a time when they don’t want to be around YOU sometimes…(it’s heartbreaking!) LOL,,,
    Have a great weekend!

  20. Lisa Says:

    What a great photo.

    Good for you to get away and relax. Hmmm, I need to figure out how to do that and get away from all this snow!


  21. JO Says:

    Looks like fun.. enjoy!



  22. Esther Sunday Says:

    I get lovely and dozy feeling just looking at this! Love, Esther

  23. Melissa Says:

    Couldn’t you just stay there for HOURS???

    Love it! Hopefully you are feeling so much better and now with some “peace and quiet” you are feeling like you old (not old as in age…ha!) self!

    Melissa 😉

  24. Barbara Says:

    I am sure you are having a great time.

  25. Debra W Says:

    Welcome home, Melissa! I am sure that you are feeling renewed and refreshed after your wonderful getaway!


  26. M.Kate Says:

    hmm….how nice, SO BLISSFUL, have a great week ahead 🙂

  27. mrs darling Says:

    Hey Im just creeping in here late on a sunday night. Its so refreshing and calming over here in all this beauty. I just wanted to soak it in. Ssssh dont tell anyone, but Im having a moment and I just needed the serenity of your blog! 🙂

  28. Christine Says:

    ooooh…can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  29. I can see in your last post , it was a wonderful week end !!!

  30. karen Says:

    What a lovely time you had, I can tell by the photos, and I know how special it is to be just the two of you once in a while. I love your photos, and thank you for sharing your getaway. Karen

  31. sandy Says:

    AAhhhhh, relaxing indeed! Love the photo 🙂

    My hubby and I just went to Virginia Beach (we were on the 700 Club:)) over the weekend and Sat. night we slept 11 hours! Were we exhausted or what? LOL. It was relaxing, romantic and we laughed a lot.

    We love our times away. Hope you are doing well, Melissa!

    Happy Weekend!

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