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Washington Post Blog Watch March 14, 2008

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Thanks to the Washington Post for featuring The Inspired Room on Blog Watch March 13, 2008!

Special thanks to Brandie, The Home Office Organizer, for the informative article (5 Tips to Start Organizing Your Home Office) mentioned in the feature!

Also, congratulations to the worthy Things That Inspire for being mentioned on the Washington Post Blog Watch as well!

Home Office Photo: Cottage Living

Somebody Stop Us: Dogs Who Blog February 22, 2008

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You know you’ve been blogging too much when….

Photo: “Ernie, Hamish & Winston” Natasha Burns



Dogs Who Blog February 21, 2008

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In a bit of randomness…

Our little furry friends used to have their “sniff n’ greets” at the corner fire hydrant. Now? Well, while their mommas are off on a bloggy break (balanced women that they are), dogs have been spotted catching up with their fuzzy faced pals on the blogs.

Meet Hamish and Winston.

Two Westies, oceans apart.

Best Doggie Blog Friends Forever (BDBFF).

The pups have agreed to take doggie bloggy breaks four times a week for chasing squirrels and romps on the beach.

Good boys. Such good doggies.

Hamish of The Bowerbird’s Nest and Winston of The Inspired Room

Photos: Copyright The Bowerbird’s Nest, used by permission

And the bark goes on…SOMEBODY STOP US: DOGS WHO BLOG 


All Creatures Great and Small February 16, 2008

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All things bright and beautiful

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

The Lord God made them all

–Cecil Francis Alexander


With Gratitude February 12, 2008

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I want to thank each and every one of you who came by Inspiration Week and supported my guests here. Your thoughtful comments were so appreciated! It is amazing to me how wonderful you all are! Your comments, emails and posts on your own blogs just keep me smiling all day long. You are all special! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Wednesday night the names will be drawn for the giveaways, so if you haven’t already entered, time is almost up! Links are in the side bar.

An extra big THANK YOU to all the participants for this week (they are all listed in the sidebar). You each had a special contribution that was uniquely inspiring. You make blog world a happy and amazing place for all of us!

Happily, I received some awards back in December but regretfully I am just now finding my notes that were to remind me to publicly say THANK YOU FOR THE AWARD. I’m mortified! Crazy me, I tried to thank people for stuff in January that I was way behind on, and I still left three great ladies without a proper thank you. I apologize! Aren’t you all glad I am getting my office organized? I will be a much nicer person once I can find my notes. I’m sure of it.

These people were INCREDIBLY nice to share awards with me:

Amazing Rachael from The Rose Room bestowed up me the You Make Me Smile Award for this post here.

Also in December, my BFF Shelbi from Keeper of the Chocolates gave me the Rockin’ Girl Award. I’m pleased to join the Rockin’ Girl Blogger club! I feel so hip!

Then good friend Elzie gave me the Pro Underdog Blogger. I hope it is not a picture of me, but don’t you feel that way sometimes when you are on the computer all day?

Then wonderful Irene from The Green Greek blog gave this award which is just the sweetest looking award ever:

This week sweet Rachel at A Romantic Porch gave me a You Make My Day award for Inspiration Week! Thanks Rachel, I was thrilled to do it and so glad you came to visit!

Catherine Holman, sweet artist extraordinaire, presented me with the Spread The Love Award. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! Thank you! So sweet of you!


Please, everyone, choose an award from me! Would you? Please? I would be so happy if you would. If you come by and see this post, I beg of you to pick an award from me. I will be so sad if you don’t. My son is sick with the flu and fever and he needs his mommy right now, so I am off to pat his head and cradle him. I hope to see these awards on your blogs!

Much love!


A Big Hint and a Giveaway! January 28, 2008

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Hey Girlfriends! You are so fun, I loved all of your guesses and the eager suspense you share in imagining who I could be talking about (or talking to!)! What would life be like without our girlfriends to gather around us and delight in life’s happy events and surprises? All will be revealed soon, my dears. Very soon.

As we gear up for our Inspiration Week to begin February 4th (by the way, I have some super women lined up to share their inspiration on how they find beauty in their every day life, and I hope YOU will take part as well!), I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway to get us in the right frame of mind! There is nothing like a great book to inspire us!

So, leave a comment here on this post with your contact information and you will be entered into a drawing for the following inspiring book (one of the only ones the author has written that I have not read, so I need to get one for me too!). If you have this book, I can substitute one of equal value! One comment per person, please. Winner will be drawn at 9 PM (PST) February 1st and posted by Saturday Monday.

Good luck to all of you, more surprises and fun to come! And if you are in the mood to enter more giveaways, behold The Bloggy Giveaway Carnival!