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A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom July 21, 2008

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One of my most favorite houses ever is my blogging buddy Meg’s home. I know she is becoming quite popular, but I discovered her long ago so we go way back and I am pretty sure I am her BBFF (grin). In fact, her craft room was featured on my blog late last year, that is how far back we go.

Her house is one of those rambling big old family houses (I think it is in the Midwest) that just feels like home to me. Not only is the home gorgeous, but you can see through her fantastic blog that her focus is on the life she creates for her family, not on trying to impress us with her decorating skill. That makes her a kindred spirit because she really emulates what I feel is an authentic life.

You can’t help but love her when you see her family kitchen. Glamorous with a chandelier yet homey with seven chairs lined up around the counter ready for their family pancakes. Love her.

Her whole house is beautiful, but today we are here to focus on her new old bathroom. I say new old because while it is a new bathroom, she combined antique elements and style to make it feel like it has been in her home all along. It complements her home perfectly. It is a retreat she deserves as the gorgeous mom of five! Let’s take a peek:

Could you just die to soak in that tub? Meg says she’s never been so clean. I’d be a prune.

Now, check out this old buffet. You know I don’t like to paint so this makeover is truly inspiring to me…this is the before picture. Look below for the stunning after photo…WOW! A white coat of paint can really make an amazing difference.

Do you see that adorable little mirrored table with the birdcage on it? Here, let’s look a little closer:

She bought that fabulous mirrored table for $12 at an antique store and scraped the paint off the mirrored legs herself. She is amazing! And what is even more amazing, she knows how to conceal! Yes, I caught her trying to get away with a unidentified concealment and I am capturing it here for you all to see. Look at this:

Modern stereo equipment, CONCEALED! Let this be a lesson to all of you. Don’t you try to sneak a concealment onto your blog without me noticing. I can spot these a mile away and I will expose them for all to see. I love this concealment.

This is the perfect new old bathroom, old and charming, yet blissfully new. Thanks, Meg, for letting me feature your private getaway! I love to share inspiring rooms from readers, so feel free to share YOURS with me!

photos: copyright Meg Duerksen, used by permission


Four Things I’d Rather Do November 18, 2007

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Shhhh … I have snuck up here to my computer to do a quick post. I started out the day planning to paint my bathroom cabinet. It is kind of a quick fix, as I really just need a whole new vanity. It is shabby in a not so chic way. But, with Thanksgiving coming and having company for dinner Thursday, I thought I’d do a quick paint job and mini-makeover of the bathroom. Nothing like company coming to get me in the mood to do a project! While most of you are thinking about your turkeys, I’m thinking about a bathroom makeover! Here’s why:

But here is the funny part! I hate painting. No, hate is not a strong enough word. I DESPISE painting. So I have a little system for how to get things done. First I go buy the paint, then I plead with my husband for just a little bit of help with prep work. Once he is in his grubbies and under way with sanding, I slip upstairs and start blogging! Pretty soon he realizes I am not doing the project, HE IS! Love that. Works like a charm.

I’ve been tagged to play a couple of games! And since it is Thanksgiving week for those of us in the states, we might as well play and be merry don’t you think? I think so. Although I will probably move quickly on to another post because I have so much to get to! I was tagged by My Melange for this first one which I am going to call Four Things I’d Rather Do Than Paint My Bathroom Cabinet. Here we go, five questions, four answers each:

Four jobs I have had:

Editorial assistant, publishing company

Scrapbook consultant (my attempt at being crafty)

Marketing, publishing company

Interior design consultant (the real me!)

Four places I have lived:


about 9 houses in Oregon

Four places I’ve been on holiday (I’m cheating a bit here):

Paris, Germany, England, Venice

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida

California, Hawaii, Washington, Idaho


Four Favorite Foods (how can I choose only four, I have to cheat a little bit)

Mexican food followed by Flan

Coffee & Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts

Salmon with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Lasagna and garlic bread

Four Places I’d Rather Be (only four? this game is hard for me!)



South Africa


I’ll have to postpone (again!) one of the games where I am supposed to show a picture of myself and talk about it, but I don’t have a working scanner so for now, I’m off the hook on that one! Sorry, I’ll get back to it!

For now, here are the four I am tagging for the Four Things game:

The Feathered Nest – Manuela

Daisy Cottage

Plumwater Cottage

Counting Your Blessings

Oh, no! Hubby is looking for me! Gotta wrap this up and look busy with some other house project so he won’t ask me to work on the painting… TTFN!