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Style Tips: Live A Beautiful Life May 12, 2008

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It bears repeating.

Style Tips” is a regular feature on The Inspired Room where I share a few ideas on how to create your own authentic style.


Invitation to Inspiration Week January 20, 2008

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My Valentines,

You are all invited to our next Inspiration Week February 4-8! We are going to focus that week on ways us women (or men!) inspire ourselves through beautiful things in every day living. Yes, I’m a romantic and fancy myself living a beautiful life.

But I am a practical romantic. Life is messy and busy and expensive. I have three kids and a million jobs, I do understand the chaotic life. I understand that kids can drive us mad and husbands leave toilet seats up. Let’s face it, life is not always a bowl of cherries. So what are we romantics to do? Well I for one refuse to wait until Valentine’s Day to feel like I live a romantic and beautiful life. I think we have to create our own little moments of delight every day. Life is messy, but if I seek out glimpses of beauty in the ordinary rituals of life, I find inspiration. Life becomes beautiful! Well, beautiful enough. You just have to know where to look.

If you know what I am talking about and want to join in, or need some inspiration for beautiful living, I hope you’ll pop in starting on February 4th! While our last Inspiration Week was a bit more fast-paced and full of creative energy, this time we are going to mellow a bit and be more reflective. You have to slow down to appreciate beauty every day, otherwise the moment will pass you right by.