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Virtual Vintage Prom November 19, 2007

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Because today is always a good day for a party. (and we can always put off Thanksgiving preparations until tomorrow…)

Oh, hello! Do come in! I am scurrying around trying to get ready for the vintage prom. I started out looking for the perfect, sweet pink dress. I found a dress I really loved, but I decided it wasn’t fancy enough so I went with the STOP STARING red dress. Why not I say? My last prom, in 1985, when I was a “princess” on the court, I wore a sweet dress. Tonight, we are going for the look at me red dress just to shake things up a bit! I still think it is kind of sweet, with the polka dots.

And of course, with a STOP STARING red dress you always need red shoes.

But just like Cinderella, I have lost one of my shoes! Hopefully my Prince Charming will find it and bring it to me before the stroke of midnight! Oh, of course he will! As soon as he is finished painting my bathroom cabinet! I do hope he will be ready in time to take me to the prom!

My day started out with a bit of a fright, I went running downstairs to the laundry room to get another box of Frosted Mini Wheats from our shelves. And lo and behold, my little mousey friend had nibbled on the plastic cereal bag! Noooooooo!!!!!!!!! There were holes all over it! Ewww!!! Not sure if he did that before or after the last Thanksgiving meal we set out for him, but either way, I am not going down to the laundry room again. Ever. Poor hubby will be running ragged between painting the cabinet and doing my laundry! But he is such a dear, he said he was on to my schemes, but, and I quote, “who else is going to keep you happy?” and of course I have to agree with that one. I am one lucky girl!

Now back to the prom, I might be the only married girl there, but hubby said he would drive me in our fancy car.

Ok, well I better finish getting ready, I have so much to do still!

My hair, what will I do with my hair?

Thanks for coming by, see you all there!


Satellite Party Take Two November 2, 2007

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If this is your first visit today, be sure to begin your partying at my The French-Inspired Satellite Party post and then return here to this post for more! Leave one comment at each party post to be entered into the drawing, up until November 5 when the party ends!

I am so glad you are having a good time mingling, and oh! what treats you have brought to share! Such lovely guests you are! We are still have a few teeny tiny technical difficulties with our exclusive party peek (so much for our blog party innovation! LOL!). BUT, have no fear, we did manage to get a few glimpses into The Blissful before we lost connection. We’ll bring you more as we have it! Let’s take a look all the way over in Canton, Ohio at The Blissful!

Oh, could you just move right in? I love it! Everything looks so festive! And there is SO MUCH to look at! I’d be spinning in circles touching and gazing at each delight (don’t forget, she is opening the online store in January so we can all partake of the goodness!) Do enjoy your peek, leave another comment to be entered again into the drawing, and come back again later for Satellite Party Take Three! Well be here all weekend! And hopefully at some point we will have Abby herself, if she doesn’t collapse from exhaustion first! She is a whirlwind, that girl!

Don’t forget to return for the party that never ends (click HERE) … you’ve gotta love that!