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Drive By: Beach Cottages August 20, 2008

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The wedding is now over and I have finally returned home again. My daughter and I intended for her wedding to be a “simple beach wedding” and in many ways it was. But as with any “destination wedding” (even a destination just 1 1/2 hours from home!) there are a few logistical issues to deal with. The first was how to handle accommodations for the wedding party. Fortunately, we have good friends who generously shared their lovely beach house in Gearhart so we would have a comfortable place for some of the wedding party to stay for the weekend.

We were so grateful for the use of that house, we ended up frosting 200 cupcakes in their kitchen the morning of the rehearsal. We made such a mess! Eek. It took us a few hours to clean up after ourselves. I’ll share the story & photos of the cupcake episode and the whole wedding weekend later, once I get everything all loaded and ready to show.

While I was in Gearhart to clean frosting off kitchen cupboards the day after the wedding, I snapped a few photos for you around the neighborhood. Because I KNOW you all love drive bys and I can’t possibly do a drive by without sharing it with you. I thought of you every time I took a photo, I knew you’d love the houses. So here you go, a quick Drive By in Gearhart, Oregon. Just for you, my chickadees.

Oh, and FYI, the reason that I didn’t run up for super closeups on too many of these houses (as I normally would for you) was because of the enormous pain I was in the day after from wearing super high-heeled red patent leather shoes for the wedding. I pulled some thigh muscles I didn’t know I had, running up and down stairs all day. OW! But, dang, I looked cute in those shoes if I do say so myself. Yet, I am facing the fact that my over 40 year old legs need more sensible shoes, I guess. Next dress up event, I’m wearing grandma style loafers.

Enjoy the tour…

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Washington Post and Seattle Times June 14, 2008

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A big thank you to The Seattle Times and Terri Sapienza of the Washington Post for featuring The Inspired Room this week!

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Photo: Melissa Michaels


Outdoor Rooms: Curb Appeal June 9, 2008

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Coastal Living, Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn (photo), Lisa Knowlton (designer)

One of my most favorite things to consider in working on our outdoor spaces is curb appeal. Backyards are great for private living, but the front yard says a lot to your neighbors and guests about who lives inside and your joy for living. Creating curb appeal is what makes our home authentic and personal. While we don’t need to be concerned with impressing others, taking time to tidy up our image is as much for your family as it is about caring for others who come to our door. You want to feel at home when you see your house, and make your invited guests to feel comfortable entering your world!

There are so many details that you can incorporate into the front of your house that really can transform your space from blah to beautiful. Here are a few tips:

curb appeal

Cottage Living, Steven Randazzo

Define the edges of your space. Front yards can be wide open to the world, so it always helps to define borders. Using edging plants or fences to give a visual distinction between the road and your yard. This gives it the feeling of a private but friendly world that you are willing to share with invited friends.

curb appeal, yellow door

Country Living, Keith Scott Morton

Utilize color. A pop of color on your door can give a focal point and point of distinction and personality.

curb appeal, window boxes
Country Living, John Peden

Feature the seasons. The beauty of outdoor rooms is that you can enjoy the change in color. Use plants and window boxes to show off the season.

curb appeal, outdoor lantern
Country Living, David Lewis Taylor

Focus on Details! Give your home personality in the details. Accessories on a house are like jewelry.

curb appeal, shutters, country living
Country Living, Keith Scott Morton

Create a welcoming and friendly entry. Door knockers, healthy plants, lighting, fresh paint, and welcoming features all make guests feel that you prepare for and look forward to their visits.

curb appeal, garage doors

Country Living, Keith Scott Morton

Make ordinary things beautiful. Let’s face it, garage doors are not always our houses best feature. If you are going to replace yours, why not make them special?

garage door faux finish

Get creative with what you have! Even ordinary metal garage doors can be jazzed up with faux finishing by professionals (check out this lovely work by Off The Wall Home). Faux finishing can be much more affordable than new wood doors.

Off the Wall Home

Pay attention to purpose, size and scale. For instance, if you add shutters, make them the proper size for the windows. You want them to appear to work, even if they are stationary. If your shutters are smaller than the windows, you lose the authenticity.

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