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Drive Bys: The Outdoor Room Edition May 20, 2008

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Hey little drive by fanatics! I’ve been out on the prowl again. Risking life and limb to take a peek into my neighbor’s gardens, outdoor rooms and gates. This time, however, I was on my own. I think after the last embarrassing Drive By incident my hubby has decided against joining me in my expeditions. At least for awhile. Unfortunately, being on my own meant I was driving the car AND taking the photos. I didn’t have time to be out on foot so when I saw something I liked, I snapped right through my open car window.

Being stuck in the car was probably for the best. I would’ve totally run right down that pathway had I been on foot. This is one of my favorite little worlds. Ever. The first three photos are all from one house in the Eastmoreland neighborhood of Portland.

Oh! Look at this! This is such a beautiful outdoor room. I really wanted to go sit on one of those benches.

This little cutie was for sale. It was for sale a few years back and I really wanted to buy it then. So many houses, so little time. But, since the last time it was for sale they’ve added lots of charming details.

Here, I zoomed in for you. Look at that cute bench, the shutters, hand painted awning, leaded glass window. I am a lover of detail. I really wish I could live in one house long enough to get around to the details! The setting is so inviting! Entries should welcome you right into a little world. They did a great job with all the special details. This house is also in Eastmoreland.

I’ve shown you this house before, back in the fall. I always love this copper door and all the green in the front yard.

All the green and repetition of plants makes the setting feel so restful.

Sometimes just a little birdbath surrounded by flowers is enough to designate an outdoor space. Having a focal point or purpose to the space makes it special. All of these first houses are in Eastmoreland, the last neighborhood my husband and I lived in before we moved to where we live now. It is definitely a charming neighborhood. I loved it there! Still do.

This is a gorgeous wood gate. But that wall makes it a little too private for me. I like to PEEK INSIDE just a bit. This was impossible to do, without scaling the wall. Next time. Note to self: bring climbing shoes.

Another welcoming front gate. It is fun to see that seasonal planting area greeting you.

This one caught my eye because of the funky unique factor.

I thought this was a sweet outdoor room. However, that garbage can was completely in the way. I thought about jumping out and knocking it down but another car came up behind me and prevented me from an act of vandalism. Next time I am for sure getting out of the car.

White picket fences, yellow houses, shutters and window boxes…so lovely. We are now driving around in Lake Oswego, where I grew up.

See the peek over to the lake? I lived on that lake for a few years as a teenager. I have many happy memories of canoing and laying out on floaty cushions. It was a great life. I’ll show you one of the houses we lived in on Lake Oswego.

Here (above) was the house I lived in. It didn’t look exactly like this though. Now it looks a bit like Disneyland. Then it was a lovely white washed brick English style house with lots of greenery and vines growing up the house. The basic house is the same, the stone walls are the same (but we had lions on top of the stonework and not a poodle!), but that big double black gate was added by someone else. Too bad because it blocks the view for Drive Bys. What were they thinking? It is a lovely place with water surrounding it on three sides. I’d wake up every morning to sparkles on my ceiling, the reflection of the sun off the water. Sigh. Good times.

This was our next door neighbor’s house. Oops, got the car mirror in the photo. Luckily you can’t see my face with the drool dribbling down my chin. Have I mentioned how much I ADORE doing Drive Bys?

Ooo, another secret garden. Good thing I have my seatbelt securely fastened.

I loved this simple rock planter right as you entered into this yard.

Totally loved this front courtyard. And how nice of them to leave it open enough for me to see its goodness!

Hello, another peek at the lake…

Another inviting entry, private but open enough for voyeurs like me.

Whoa, got a little tipsy there trying to snap and drive, but I loved that little cafe table and cherub girl. Another adorable outdoor space. You’ve seen this house before too, in a previous Drive By.

Loved this gate.

Of course, I am always happy when shrubs and plantings part and I can see the loveliness of the yard.

Now we are driving around the neighborhood where my husband and I lived for about six years when our girls were small. First Addition of Lake Oswego.

Neat and tidy.

I’m pretty sure this house was in Cottage Living at one point.

This house is on the corner so you can see the whole thing from the side.

My husband and I used to call the lady who owned this house (above) the Martha Stewart of First Addition. She was always out snipping and pruning! This house has a definite secret garden, with all of those green shrubs hiding your view.

Her hedges are amazing! They surround the entire back and two sides of her property. They are immaculately trimmed and always so healthy. In the hedge below you can see a cutout where she has a white door, pictured next.

Martha Stewart of First Addition’s gate has always one of my most intriguing places to walk by. Only once or twice was the gate left open and I was able to peer into the dreamy world beyond! If I was only a bit taller or carried a step stool I could peek into that little iron grid. I envy tall people sometimes.

Well, there you have it. Another installment of my Drive Bys. Now that the weather is nicer and I can be outside more, there will be more to come! Have a lovely day, chickadees!

All photos by Melissa Michaels

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