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The Inspired Room has MOVED! August 27, 2008

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Friends! I am so happy you are here! But, if you got here through, I have officially MOVED! The Inspired Room has a new address. UPDATE: Actually I moved A YEAR AGO, so if you are still finding me this way, here is my NEW ADDRESS

You are invited to come visit me at my NEW BLOG HOME! Please, oh please? I would love to see you.

I’m getting all settled in and will be trying to get my new blog all pretty. Moving is a messy business so thanks for your patience.

CLICK HERE to go to my new address and let’s get caught up!

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MUAH! See you there!


More Beautiful Bathrooms August 26, 2008

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Cottage Living: Colleen Duffley

Coastal Living: Keith Scott Morton

Traditional Home

Southern Accents: Mary Evelyn McKee

Southern Living: Photo Gordon Beall, Designer Mona Hajj

Design by Candice Olson, above three photos via HGTV

Not sure how these dropped off my post yesterday! A little blog calamity!

Hope you enjoyed some more beautiful bathrooms today for the dream file!

So, since we are on the subject, what is your favorite style of bathroom? Cottage? Glam? Traditional? Modern? Or if money were no object would you choose a luxurious spa experience over a more humble and traditional bathroom? What you do you think about the map wallpaper in the tiny powder room? Do you have a powder room or dedicated guest bathroom?

Have a terrific day everyone! Don’t forget about the BIG CELEBRATION WEEK next week. If you plan some Fall Nesting & Decorating posts you will be able to link them up via Mr. Linky!

More details on the upcoming festivities and updating my blog address can be found here!

Beautiful Bathrooms: more inspiring images can be found here!
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Beautiful Bathrooms August 25, 2008

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Coastal Living, Alec Hemer

This Old House, Casey Sills

This Old House Casey Sills

This Old House, Casey Sills

This Old House, Casey Sills

Cooking Light, John O’Hagan

Living Etc. Jan 2005 via House to Home

Coastal Living, Jean Allsopp

Coastal Living, Jean Allsopp

Cottage Living, Laurie W. Glenn

25 Beautiful Homes Dec 2005 via House to Home

Cottage Living, Antoine Bootz (Cathy Kincaid designer)

Cottage Living, Pieter Esthersohn & design Eric Prokesh

Cottage Living, Pieter Eserhsohn, designer Amelia Handegan

Cottage Living, John O’Hagan

Cottage Living, Rob Meinychuck


And my personal favorite, in case you missed it: A New Old Inspiring Bathroom

PS. Don’t miss the IMPORTANT NEWS in the previous post! Hint: A Giveaway and Blog Change!

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Attention! Attention! Important News! August 24, 2008

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Hi friends! Excuse the interruption, but I want to let you all know a FEW EXCITING THINGS!


First, I have a NEW BIG GIRL BLOG ADDRESS! If you all would be so kind as to change your link to my updated address, I’d be forever grateful! I don’t want to lose track of my friends! The new address is:


Secondly, the day after Labor Day here in the U.S. I will be kicking off THE INSPIRED ROOM’S CELEBRATION WEEK AND FALL NESTING KICKOFF! Oh, it has been far too long since I’ve had a celebration week! There will be LOTS to celebrate! One year of blogging, 300 posts, back to school, FALL NESTING, the kick off of Blissfully Domestic‘s new & improved site that week, and my grown up blog address and a NEW BLOGROLL (I’m working on it) on THE INSPIRED ROOM!


And what is a celebration without GIVEAWAY? I’ll be rewarding readers (and people who update my blog address or mention my celebration week or my blog) with surprises all week! Just like the PRIZE PATROL, I’ll show up at your blog or email door!

I’ll have some gifts (real ones), I’ll be stumbling some of your awesome posts with glowing recommendations from me (I’m new on Stumble Upon), I just might be mentioning your blog by name on a huge traffic week, and generally just fussing over you! And, I’ll be creating a new blogroll to reflect all the awesome new readers who link to my blog.


Do you have an awesome fall decorating or nesting post full of large crisp clear photos & inspiring ideas that The Inspired Room readers might like? Send me a link to I can’t feature all of them, but I will provide a round up of links during the week (and perhaps feature your idea) so thanks for sharing your submissions.


The return of MR. LINKY! (yikes!) Mr. Linky will be around to allow you to link back to your posts. We’ll be featuring “BACK TO FALL NESTING & DECORATING” ideas all week, so start working on posts to share Labor Day week

WHAT TO DO THIS WEEK (if you want to!)

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Have a terrific week!
Stay tuned for new decorating posts!…

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Photos: Hostess with the Mostess


Sweet Escape: Wedding Candy August 22, 2008

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One of my favorite things we did for the wedding reception was the “candy bar.” I know it is not very original but it really turned out to be both cute and a fun part of the festivities. It was fairly simple but still sweet!

We set it up right in the hub of the reception so it served both as a decoration and a focal point destination for sweets. We bought the candy from local beach candy shops and mixed into the decor the “love is sweet” frame as well as starfish (for the beach theme) and framed photos of the bride and groom. Of course, we coordinated the candy colors with the wedding colors.

Sticky tack is your friend if you want starfish to stick up and not slide down.

We used muffin papers for people to put their jelly beans in as they walked around.

Not shown in these photos was a big basket of cute bagged candy that served as party favors for guests.

This was definitely a SWEET ESCAPE! And a “candy bar” would be a cute idea for any party, not just weddings.

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Sweet Escape: Wedding Cupcakes Behind the Scenes

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So, you want to see some behind the scenes from the wedding?

Of course you do. Alrighty then. {Hey, I see 1,000 of you slinking quietly out the back door, that is OK. You can come back when this is over. I don’t blame you}. I was so overwhelmed by how to show you all the happenings and photos that I was almost paralyzed. What to show? Where and how to show it? Will you all be bored out of your minds? Will there be people un-subscribing right and left? Should I start a wedding blog (nah, I’m not worthy)?

But then I just decided to stop worrying and BREAK IT DOWN. And really, what better SWEET ESCAPE than to show you the CUPCAKES? And because we had a couple of sweet things about this wedding, how about two sweet escape posts in one weekend? Sure. Part Two will be Sweet Escape: The Candy Bar. Stay tuned.

When my daughter and I started wedding planning, we thought cupcakes would be the appropriate dessert choice for a youthful, fun beach town wedding. We weren’t super original with that idea, or the “candy bar” idea, but I can say they were both BIG HITS nonetheless. Thank you to all the wedding bloggers who shared ideas, we stole tons of them. Here are a few I enjoy, not only for wedding planning but for inspiration in other areas as well: Southern Weddings Magazine, A Classic Bride, Style Me Pretty.

So, in our quest for the cupcakes, we visited the local cupcake bakeries and sampled all the options. {Shut up, I know I gained a few pounds in sampling}.

But at over $3.00 a piece for the standard cupcakes, we started to wonder “how much trouble could it possibly be to make our own cupcakes?” (note: only in my family would we contemplate such things).

Yeah. No trouble at all. Maybe no trouble for an ordinary day at home. But on an over 100 degree day, baking 200 cupcakes was a bit hot. But even more than the baking, the transporting of the cupcakes was the biggest issue. We had to bake most of them at home in Portland, drive them to Gearhart to frost them and then transport them a little further down the coast to our beach house where the reception would be held. The logistics of a “destination wedding” made things interesting. Not to mention we had never used a pastry tool before.

The upside of baking our own was 1) the reasonable cost and 2) we could personalize them to the wedding colors and 3) my daughters & I now have great memories of frosting in our hair and flour on our faces. And honestly, our cupcakes were tastier than any we had sampled. We ended up with three varieties.

The chocolate brownie cupcakes, topped with chocolate curls and mint green bark were SO TASTY. THE CHOCOLATE MINTY GOODNESS was to die for. We decided to make things easier and use a Ghiradelli brownie mix. Yeah, we used a brownie mix. Shoot me. Have I disgraced the meaning of all things sacred & acceptable for weddings by not having a fancy schmancy bakery make these from scratch? Sigh. Probably. But I’m a Blissfully Domestic Diva and that means I can do whatever I want, including using boxed mixes even for a wedding. So there. I don’t get all bent out of shape over those sorts of things. Am I crazy?

In addition to the brownie ones, there were white ones with the pink frosting and white pearl candy top, as well as the white ones with the white frosting and the pink pearl candy top. My daughter had to learn how to use the frosting tube in order to make them. They may not have been perfect, but they sure turned out cute enough all together on trays at the wedding.

We made batches of the brownie cupcakes and frosted the white cupcakes at our friends’ beach house in Gearhart. She was generous to allow us use of her home for some of the wedding party’s accommodations. And we took full advantage of the kitchen the day before the wedding. Just in case you are wondering, here is what this house looks like from the outside.

While us girls were in the middle of making frosting and baking at the house, we heard a knock on the door. Hello, it was a real estate appraiser. Fancy that! He wanted to take PICTURES OF THE KITCHEN. It was so embarrassing, we really had a big mess, flour and junk everywhere — I am sure my friend is going to shoot me when she sees the appraiser’s pictures. Oops! Sorry. Probably cost her a few thousands dollars off the appraisal.

Not only were we working on wedding cupcakes, but we were assembling breakfast for the next morning, and lunch for right before the wedding. Good thing there was a great big farm table for all of the food and care packages. I forgot to take a photo of the girls’ care packages. Super cute spring green Chinese take out boxes.

Once we got those pupcakes (as my niece called them) all pretty and frosted we suddenly realized we had to transport 200 of them perfectly INTACT (i.e. not STACKED) for another 1/2 hour ride to our beach house. Along with my girls’ 300 suitcases, a wedding dress, a karaoke machine and various other miscellaneous necessities crammed in my mini-van. It was a crazy day, but we managed to pull it off. Was it worth it? I will have those memories forever. Yeah, it was worth it.

Stay tuned for Sweet Escape part two, THE CANDY! The candy display was one of my favorite things we did to decorate! But will you get to see the wedding, the flowers, the dress and the red shoes? Oh yeah. All in good time. All in good time, my pretties.

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