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Drive By: Beach Cottages August 20, 2008

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The wedding is now over and I have finally returned home again. My daughter and I intended for her wedding to be a “simple beach wedding” and in many ways it was. But as with any “destination wedding” (even a destination just 1 1/2 hours from home!) there are a few logistical issues to deal with. The first was how to handle accommodations for the wedding party. Fortunately, we have good friends who generously shared their lovely beach house in Gearhart so we would have a comfortable place for some of the wedding party to stay for the weekend.

We were so grateful for the use of that house, we ended up frosting 200 cupcakes in their kitchen the morning of the rehearsal. We made such a mess! Eek. It took us a few hours to clean up after ourselves. I’ll share the story & photos of the cupcake episode and the whole wedding weekend later, once I get everything all loaded and ready to show.

While I was in Gearhart to clean frosting off kitchen cupboards the day after the wedding, I snapped a few photos for you around the neighborhood. Because I KNOW you all love drive bys and I can’t possibly do a drive by without sharing it with you. I thought of you every time I took a photo, I knew you’d love the houses. So here you go, a quick Drive By in Gearhart, Oregon. Just for you, my chickadees.

Oh, and FYI, the reason that I didn’t run up for super closeups on too many of these houses (as I normally would for you) was because of the enormous pain I was in the day after from wearing super high-heeled red patent leather shoes for the wedding. I pulled some thigh muscles I didn’t know I had, running up and down stairs all day. OW! But, dang, I looked cute in those shoes if I do say so myself. Yet, I am facing the fact that my over 40 year old legs need more sensible shoes, I guess. Next dress up event, I’m wearing grandma style loafers.

Enjoy the tour…

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Old Looking New Houses: The Charm of Yesteryear July 15, 2008

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So, how about an old looking new house? I know, I am still carrying on about this dilemma from yesterday. I wasn’t going to post today, really I wasn’t going to bug you all again (I try to spare you all my thoughts unless I really feel inspired by something). But, I got all excited when I saw these photos. Excitement leads to posting. And I know you all love a great Drive By.

So, yesterday, a few of you suggested the idea of new houses that look old — trying to get the best of both worlds. Then one of my blogging friends shared some great photos she had on her blog and I couldn’t keep them to myself. We (me and Leah of More Ways to Waste Time) had one of those weird, random parallel universe dual mind posts yesterday. Do you ever have one of those? This was a strange one.

I was blabbing away about my old house new house dilemma and she was posting an interesting piece about a little neighborhood that looks very old but is new! So, we are joining forces on this topic and I am sharing a few of her photos so you all can enjoy them too (with her permission). You can read about this neighborhood and see more photos here on her blog. Tell us what you think!

There are some quality homes in neighborhoods with that “old look” in our area, all at around a million dollars each, but I can’t say that they look as good as these. I love the variety of architectural styles. Somehow these seem to do a better job at capturing that new old look than most. Strange to see such lovely homes looking old but in pristinely new condition!

I know the sad thing for me about this solution is that homes of this quality tend to be very expensive. Ok, ridiculously expensive. But don’t burst my bubble. I’m dreaming of a tree lined family neighborhood street and a new charming home with leaded glass doors that can open without scraping the floor, wide baseboard moldings, gables and front porches, reasonably sized rooms with sweeping views of open space, pocket doors, restored vintage hardware, solid walls, wood and stone floors, large kitchen with vintage details and modern conveniences, working bathrooms with old fashioned charm, real wood window trim, iron gates, solid staircases and railings, beautiful windows that open and close without a hammer or screwdriver… old house details and exceptional quality, new house energy efficiency and condition.

Oh, but I would have to make up a faux romantic history to go along with the house. New houses are missing the allure of a long history, but I guess I could get over that.

Do I ask too much?

Photos: copyright More Ways To Waste Time, used by permission


Outdoor Rooms: Bursts of Color July 7, 2008

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colored glass gravel

Be adventurous! A splash of color in unexpected places can make the difference between pretty and WOW in the garden. Colored glass gravel, shocking pink planters, vivid yellow or orange or blue focal points? Why not? Enjoy these pops of color to inspire you to try something new this summer!



colorful trellis

colorful birdbath

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All photos: Martha Stewart
Note: Paint can be toxic to birds so be sure to only paint the outside of birdbaths!


Outdoor Rooms: Happy Surprises July 2, 2008

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cherry hill cottage

You know, there are so many blogs out there now with unbelievable projects and ideas up the kazoo, I am constantly blown away. I just gobble up your ideas. Every time I visit a blog with amazing talent my eyes pop out of my head. Do you realize this? Talent, I tell you! You are full of Happy Surprises.

This glorious front porch is from Cherry Hill Cottage (her sister’s home, clearly talent runs in her family)…I just am showing you two photos but you’ll have to go check out her blog for the rest of them! She has a grand tour inside and out! You won’t be disappointed. Many happy gasps.

Do you love the little settee she has on her porch? Clever clever.

Now, check this out. A porch before and after, shared by this talented blogger A Soft Place To Land. What I love about this is that she used what she had to pull this porch together on short notice (usually the best way to decorate in my humble opinion!) and she painted that little bench with a surprising pop of color goodness, tying it in with a yellow pillow. Another happy gasp.



Here is another outdoor room that took my breath away…

The ever amazing decorator and blogger extradorinaire Joni from Cote de Texas and her charming courtyard….I love her house and now that I know this hidden gem is in her backyard, well, I love it inside and out. Those chairs just make me happy. So peaceful and serene.

Then there is sweet and lovable Pat from Back Porch Musings, who is forever amazing me with her before and after room makeovers. Look at this porch, couldn’t you just sit right down to dinner? It is like dining outside at a charming restaurant. I love the use of those shutter doors to make her table feel nestled in and cozy. Happy gasp!

If you have a room to share, I hope you’ll keep sending them to me for us all to see! Invitation is still open! I see rooms when I visit blogs and forget to make note of where they were (oops!), so don’t be shy about sending them to me. Or send me a link and I can come to you to check things out.

PS. It is not too late to share your Creative Concealments (previous post). I’m in awe of your creativity and honored that you have taken the time to link up your photos. Thank you all so much for being a part of the exchange of ideas and sharing with your fellow bloggers! Keep checking out the links!


Outdoor Rooms: Secluded Spaces June 23, 2008

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garden room

I spotted this lovely little secluded outdoor room on Choose the Write blog who saw it on Garden Rooms blog…isn’t it pretty? I can’t stop staring at it, I just love it. Such a perfect place for some morning solitude with a cup of tea!

I just got back into town after being away on business with my hubby, but I will be gathering up some more indoor decorating and outdoor room inspiration (including more beach house photos) and rejoining blog world shortly!

photo: Marie Claire via Garden Rooms blog


Outdoor Rooms: DIY Hanging Daybed on Sunporch June 19, 2008

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How fun is this? A kind blogging reader Dandelions and Daydreams pointed this lovely idea out to me (thank you!) and I loved it so much I wanted to share it all with you!
Such a cozy spot for a Sunday afternoon nap!

Click here to find directions from Lowe’s to make your own hanging daybed! Enjoy!

Photo and directions: Lowe‘s