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Sweet Escape: Dream Boat April 11, 2008

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It is Friday night and I am ready for the weekend to begin! Wouldn’t it be nice to be heading out on a boat somewhere on a glorious sunny weekend? If you are doing that, I’m jealous. When I was younger my family had a sailboat and we spent many vacations sailing through the San Juan Islands. I loved it, the wind in my hair, the smell of the sea breeze, the warm sun on my skin…that would be a sweet escape this weekend, indeed!

But, here in Portland, Oregon the sun is out and in spite of the fact that I have work to do this weekend, I intend to get out and soak up some RAYS. I won’t be on a boat, but I would love to go for a walk down by the river! Portland has some great walkways along both sides of the Willamette. It is fun to get an ice cream cone and walk up and down the Esplanade, peeking in shops now and then. Not to mention people watching!

How about you? Do you have big plans? Anyone? Are you still Spring Fluffing? We have some great inspiration on Mr. Linky (click here to find the post, and then click on Mr. Linky to add your spring fluffing posts or photos!), it isn’t too late to join in the game!

Have a terrific weekend! Do something fun for yourself or with your family!

Photo: Architectural Digest, Sean Kennedy’s Boat


35 Responses to “Sweet Escape: Dream Boat”

  1. Mrs. B Says:

    I love this picture! I grew up in Newport Beach, CA, where there were boats everywhere. We actually lived on Balboa Island, so we were literally surrounded by boats. We never had one, but I’ve always loved them. Last year we vacationed in Newport, RI, which is also full of beautiful boats and my hubby caught the sailing bug.

    No plans to do it anytime soon, but it’s nice to dream about. And I’d love to go to the San Juan Islands sometime too.

    Have a lovely weekend!

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  3. mary Says:

    My weekend plans involve attendance at my daughter’s high school track meet and travel soccer game.

    I’d rather be sailing, too! 🙂

    Hae a wonderful weekend!

  4. Esther Sunday Says:

    Hi Melissa – being that I am fairly close to you here in the Northwest, I do know that we are going to be having a lovely springy weekend – about time, huh? Hope you enjoy it! How lucky that you were able to cruise the San Juan Islands. I know that area is beautiful! Love, Esther

  5. Spring Fluffing indeed for me this weekend. Tomorrow is my bday and I got some great gifts tonight at my bday dinner. New set of dished from Pottery Barn Outlet and some great decor books. I’ll be reading my new Vintage VaVoom this weekend!!!!

    Happy Weekend to you Melissa!

  6. yay…sunshine for us Portlanders at last!! I’m off for the weekend for my anniversary (thankfully not going too far, so I can enjoy this rare weather)…enjoy the sunshine Melissa!!

  7. Patricia Says:

    Oh boy does this post bring back memories. Of sailing, boats and Portland Oregon! You enjoyed sailing back in your youth, then? Well, I’m one of those who hates boats. I kid you not; I’ve had a fear of boats on water although I love to swim.

    Guess what? I ended up living on a freakin’ sailboat for 2 years in my early teens. Our adventure took us down the west coast of North America, through the Panama Canal and the Caribbean. The trip ended in Florida. I went to visit my father for the summer and never went back.

    Our first adventure however, was leaving the safety of a harbour and heading out to sea. For the first time. Ever. Nine days we were out before hitting a hurricane on the 10 th day. We got lost and overwhelmed (I think all of our electronic equipment broke down) and so called the Coast Guard to come and help. They towed us in to Portland Oregon but on the way a particularily rogue wave hit our boat and threw me across the cabin. I then required stitches. There was an ambulance waiting for me when we finally docked. Now, the only thing I hate more than boats is doctors and NEEDLES. Both of which I got plenty of. The only humerous thing about the whole incident is that my mother was accompanying me but when she hopped off the boat she couldn’t walk on dry land ~ her sea legs were too wobbly for land!

    The very kind doctor who stitched me up then took my sister and I into his lovely home for the 10 days it took for the stitches to heal and be removed. I would have stayed with that man forever if events conspired…which they didn’t. It was a terrible start to 2 years that weren’t always very much fun.

    Anyway your picture does look lovely and I’ll take that gorgeous walk along the seawall…looking OUT at those boats and crazy sailors!

  8. Sweet Cottage Dreams Says:

    We have sailed in the San Juan Islands! My sister in law lived on Lopez for years. So pretty there! No plans for sailing, however it is to be in the mid 80’s this weekend. Time for sunblock!

    Have a good one,

  9. rosieswhimsy Says:

    Oh that would make for a lovely weekend escape!

    I am still Spring Fluffing……working on the new bed skirts for the daybeds on the porch. Hope I can get it all pulled together in the next week of two. ((hugs)) Rosie

  10. Beverly Says:

    I concur. I was very ready for this weekend, and my husband doesn’t have to work. I love hanging out with the guy.

    Hopefully, we will all enjoy this weekend.

  11. Catherder Says:

    Im hoping my spring cleaning will be done by the summer…im trudging along…

  12. mary Says:

    Buona domenica
    baci mary

  13. Hmmm yes that boat would be nice!
    I’m going to be a God-mother tomorrow morning, to my hubby’s brother’s girl. She’s almost 9 years old so it’s different to a baby, she’s excited about the day and I’ve made her a pretty candle for church. She’s a lovely gorgeous girl and it’s a lovely thing that I was asked – so no primping or fluffing for me! Though this morning I did sort through a quarter of my workroom/store-room and my huge collection of buttons!

  14. Ruth Welter Says:

    Hi Melissa, well, a very happy weekend to you my friend! Yes, I would love to escape on a boat for a while, sounds like bliss to me. : ) This weekend though, I will be painting, working on my watercolor and tomorrow, doing a bit of gardening that needs to still get done. Spring has finally sprung around here and I’ve been wanting to spend more time outside. Have a great time with your family this weekend.

  15. Hi Melissa!
    I am back from my trip to Italy and trying to catch up with everyone! This weekend, I am just hanging around, getting over my jet lag….However a boating weekend does sound delightful!
    p.s. I am having my 200th post giveaway, come enter 🙂

  16. angie lee Says:

    Ah yes would love to take a boat out for the weekend alas have to work,but am off to the canery islands next week so im not too love your blog angie the old schoolhouse

  17. julia Says:

    aaah another dream of mine.. to live on a boat, i know a little un-conventional but what a great experience.
    Having a wonderful weekend, 95 in our neck of the woods. Hope you were wearing your sunscreen Melissa! (worked in derm for 22+ yrs 🙂 what can i say?!) Happy Weekend to you to sweet friend.
    love j

  18. Sally Says:

    Maybe we could call it Autumn altering or Autumn Arranging here in Australia. We are apparently in for a rainy weekend but so far (10am Sat. morning) it is beautiful and sunny. I have done a bit of “arranging” this morning but after a little “gathering” last night I just want to do nothing, a walk sounds great!!

  19. M.Kate Says:

    THAT picture of the boat looks dreamy and i wish i could go too!!

  20. Oh! I’d rather be sailing this weekend too! My husband and I took lessons a couple of years ago and it was so much fun!

    We are going to be working outside to clean up our yard. The snow has finally completely melted on my lawn (yippee!) and we have the leftover bits and pieces of autum leaves as well as the thatch to clean up.

    No fun but has to be done!!

  21. Enjoying our gorgeous weather here in Portland too. It is Prom weekend at our house so were grateful for such beautiful weather for picture taking. Just discovered your blog and love it!

  22. Oh I love your weekend plans! We spent the day at the golf course today (ok confession time: i go for the hot dogs) and it was just beautiful weather! It’s days like these that I’m so grateful to live in SoCal! 🙂

  23. Go´day Mel…

    Ohh…that boat can be my dream boat too. Here in Sweden, is actually spring time but the weather still don’t allow the sun to come out. Raining, snowing chilly wind, feels autumn indeed!
    A pity for us who don’t see the sun to often.

    Well, today is Sunday and there’s nothing much to do when the weather is dull. I decided to go to the Stockholm Garden Fair just a stone throw away from home. Exciting!

    May 14 to 21 nxt month, a spring travel & shopping was booked. Me & my family are coming to NYC and that’s pretty exciting.

    Of course, I will uploads some pix when I have them. Am a new (design or what you call it)blogger though in swedish.

    Hope you have a wonderful sunday w/ ur family and enjoy…

    Regards from chilly Stockholm,

  24. It looks so wonderful to be sailing, here we have the perfect weather for it (Singapore).

    I hope you will have a great week!

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a great picture! My husband and I dream of owning a boat someday. I love being out on the water. There’s nothing better!

    ~ Jennifer

  26. Mari-Nanci Says:

    Weekend plans were mostly for “fluffing” the outside. :-)))) Which includes sore muscles. But a good feeling of being a good tired.


  27. Wish I was on that boat – looks wonderful!!

  28. Sandy Says:

    I hope you’re having a relaxing, renewing weekend Melissa. We had 12 yrds of bark delivered, so that is what we’ve done, and soccer and church. Fri night a fun dinner party. xoxo

  29. shelbi Says:

    spring fluffing here 🙂 had our carpets cleaned and we planted some seedlings for summer salads..took a 3 hour bike ride with hubby and the kids around sunset last night, and we are now just basking in the glorious ‘after church, kids napping, quiet part of sunday’ lounging, reading and listening to the hum of the dryer 🙂

    hope you are having a beautiful and blessed day where ever you are and i am so happy the earrings arrived to you safely 🙂 enjoy them, or with my blessings, re-gift them if they are not you! 🙂 i wanted to send a little happiness your way and it warmed my heart to do so!

    hugs my bff!

  30. M&Co Says:

    Beautiful looking boat! *wish I was there* I’ve been working all weekend, and I’m dead tired by now, and not quite ready for another busy week….but some blog inspiration is always a sure bet for getting my mood and energy level up 😉 Have to take another look at that Spring Fluffing game!! 🙂

  31. Such a gorgeous photo! Sailing is a sweet escape indeed. Must get some Spring Fluffing shots up so that I can join in on the Mr. Linky fun. Hope you had a lovely weekend, although I know you’re as busy as I am 🙂


  32. What a beautiful boat…when all the spring break craziness slows down here (in Ft. Lauderdale) it will be nice to be able to get back down to the beaches and enjoy the beautiful boats, beaches, and view! 😉

    We stayed in and around town this weekend…still recovering from 9-day vacation and then the in loves (in-laws) came in town to stay with us for 4 days. (Luckily we all get along fabulously!)

  33. Chris Says:

    Hi Melissa! Thanks for your comment. I am mesmerized everytime I come to your blog. Thanks, again!

  34. katiedid Says:

    Funny! Like Mrs. B your first commentor, we had a beach house in Newport Beach also. I grew up sailing in Balboa Bay and I miss it so much! I am now in Sacramento where there are rivers, but I think I will never quite be a “river” girl. Sailing does sound very good right now. We went sailing in Hawaii over Spring Break, and it was soooo much fun. Hope you had a great weekend! I’m off to do a little more Spring Fluffing. 🙂

  35. Elzie Says:

    My big plan was to work this weekend, but a hurting neck stopped that. It’s an old injury that has come back for some reasons. Have been weel for 5-6 years now!! Well, you can’t get it forever, can you.
    My DH and I had a boat earlier, a gig, but sold it when the dog didn’t want to be out on the lake. Now we have a small rowing boat instead, but it’s nice as we can go to small places and take a bath.
    Hope you have a great Monday.
    Love Elzie

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